Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  1. Maria Gordon

    Maria GordonГодину таму

    Omg you are beautiful. I just lost my son and this song hits home. I wish I had your attitude. I'm so lost. 🙏🏼I will pray for you God Bless You.

  2. Guillermina Avila

    Guillermina AvilaГодину таму

    Beautiful song, person

  3. LePetitOiseau

    LePetitOiseauГодину таму

    Assuming the 5.2k people who chose to dislike this video did so because they’re upset Simon didn’t award the golden buzzer sooner?

  4. Video channel

    Video channelГодину таму

    🔥After CORONA VIRUS SOLUTION ( VIRAL POST ) ,Which type of medical body problem ,where there I didn't give solution.?????🔥

  5. Savage Keyboard

    Savage KeyboardГодину таму

    Wow im sobbing

  6. Selena Reid

    Selena ReidГодину таму

    When an angel visits to remind us all of who we really are. Such beauty!

  7. DeDe Weygant

    DeDe WeygantГодину таму

    I can’t stop crying ❤️❤️❤️ my the lord heal you Night bird

  8. Jennifer Whitaker

    Jennifer WhitakerГодину таму

    I cried my self to sleep

  9. Taka Taka

    Taka TakaГодину таму

    This is inspiring she's strong,a lot of people will gain something from her well done

  10. Edward Davis

    Edward DavisГодину таму


  11. A. P.

    A. P.Годину таму

    She is so beautiful, she’s like a sun, her vibe, her look, her voice, her eyes, so, so beautiful inside-out.

  12. pNs aLwAyS

    pNs aLwAySГодину таму


  13. ZO GIRL

    ZO GIRLГодину таму

    2% is not a zero % .. . 😭😭

  14. Ruth Palacios

    Ruth PalaciosГодину таму

    Know that many of us let ourselves be overwhelmed by trifles. And we think that something small that happens to us is going to kill us. If only we had that 2 percent strength to stay on our feet. We would achieve so much.

  15. ROXY

    ROXYГодину таму

    OMG she is awesome

  16. Terry Perry

    Terry PerryГодину таму

    Lump in my throat is so big I can’t swallow. She is beautiful!

  17. Leonardo Gabriel

    Leonardo GabrielГодину таму

    Mamamia, fantastic!! It is so 😍 😀 I hope Jane get 100%good!! 🙏

  18. Chicago FireD

    Chicago FireDГодину таму

    What is that song when she had finished singing?

  19. B. B Cardi

    B. B CardiГодину таму

    God Bless Angel... WINNER

  20. ilham trinugraha

    ilham trinugrahaГодину таму

    TikTok bring me here

  21. martha black

    martha blackГодину таму

    “You Can’t Wait Until Life Isn’t Hard Anymore, Before you Decide to be Happy

  22. Minesi Perera

    Minesi PereraГодину таму

    Your voice is angelic I love that voice a lot🌸💖🌸

  23. mike sun

    mike sunГодину таму

    Goodness, her voice, her lyrics, her presentation was wow!! amazing talent

  24. Abhisit Sonklin

    Abhisit SonklinГодину таму

    She very very amazing.

  25. sara22 egia

    sara22 egiaГодину таму

  26. Stella Patricia

    Stella PatriciaГодину таму

    Thank you so much, i need this so much. ❤️

  27. Philip Lee

    Philip LeeГодину таму

    What an unbeliveably beautiful woman she is.Such a strong and positive personality and yet so humble.Ive never watched AGT...but this season because of her...i am going to.And i hope she wins!

  28. martha black

    martha blackГодину таму

    We can tell. Everyone holding bk 😢

  29. Nik27 Mustapa

    Nik27 MustapaГодину таму

    so nice voice

  30. CGP Star

    CGP StarГодину таму


  31. steve monroe

    steve monroeГодину таму

    The hushed coin willy afford because foundation quantitatively instruct mid a optimal bat. possible, chubby gallon

  32. Abu Hamed

    Abu HamedГодину таму

    It's so cute😭💖

  33. FUN 4K

    FUN 4KГодину таму

    She's so unique

  34. Jolleyboy Quilang

    Jolleyboy QuilangГодину таму

    She’s so very inspirational 🤍

  35. Joyce Perez

    Joyce PerezГодину таму

    que hermosa y canta 😍💕 waooooo ella es una persona que transmite paz

  36. Tiago Lopes

    Tiago LopesГодину таму


  37. Elley Li

    Elley LiГодину таму

    I wish she did not need to be so strong. I wish someone told her that it is ok not to be ok and be there for her one day.

  38. Lissa Stewart

    Lissa Stewart2 години таму

    I pray she will be alright

  39. Lucaszeller

    Lucaszeller2 години таму

    I have a feeling this girl is gonna win it all

  40. Freddy Troncoso

    Freddy Troncoso2 години таму

    Es la mujer más bella y tierna del planeta

  41. wepyvic cake

    wepyvic cake2 години таму

    She got me 😭😭 with such a beautiful smile and best positive attitude to what she is passing through💖💖 bless you🙏🏾🙏🏾 God will perfect your healing🙏🏾🙏🏾

  42. Sameer Yusuf

    Sameer Yusuf2 години таму

    Her voice and lyrics is literally a miracle to a sad soul 🥺🥺

  43. Christien Fletcher

    Christien Fletcher2 години таму

    This girl is who our youth deserves as a role model. 👏

  44. Oh Well

    Oh Well2 години таму

    So precious

  45. Nuno Hipólito

    Nuno Hipólito2 години таму

    The silence was so powerful. This is the best we humans can give.

  46. Alice Dee

    Alice Dee2 години таму

    This is how to appreciate life! Kudos to you and bless you all!

  47. Chris Santuz

    Chris Santuz2 години таму

    Her smile is everything❤ ,sad that she is going through all that🥺

  48. Chris Dang

    Chris Dang2 години таму

    its not even that goood

  49. N PA

    N PA2 години таму

    beautiful soul! love you

  50. Russ is Random

    Russ is Random2 години таму

    The song wasn't that good - The singing wasn't that good - She got the golden buzzer because - Actually having cancer got the golden buzzer

  51. Jumpeer Black

    Jumpeer Black2 години таму

    Bros why my eyes on tears😭😓

  52. Oluwaniyi Olaoluwa

    Oluwaniyi Olaoluwa2 години таму

    Did she say Last year of her life?


    ΒΙΚΤΩΡΑΣ ΜΗΛΙΩΝΗΣ2 години таму

    May she live forever and thrive in this world. You are an inspiration to all of humanity to never give up.

  54. Rickey Zinn

    Rickey Zinn2 години таму

    You have done so much in so many people's lives and your so gifted. Get well soon

  55. Nicole M.

    Nicole M.2 години таму

    Simon has really softened over the years ♥️

  56. Vans Vesting

    Vans Vesting2 години таму

    God she is so amazing. When she talked about 2% its incredible.

  57. stephanie ojuka 스테파니

    stephanie ojuka 스테파니2 години таму

    Hella beautiful and lovely voice😍❤️💆

  58. الله ينصرك ويحميك موقف شجاع

    الله ينصرك ويحميك موقف شجاع2 години таму

  59. Tim F Foster

    Tim F Foster2 години таму

    Wow! Just wow!!!!!

  60. Lunga Biyela

    Lunga Biyela2 години таму

    “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy...” That made me cry.

  61. Michelle Hughes

    Michelle Hughes2 години таму


  62. Leandro Felipe

    Leandro Felipe2 години таму

    Emociante, parabéns 👏👏👏

  63. Derya

    Derya2 години таму

    She teaches us why to be happy 🌾

  64. Maria Carayannis

    Maria Carayannis2 години таму

    What an amazing person. Such deep words! " You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy"! I am glad she got the golden buzzer! God bless her!

  65. Nadi5

    Nadi52 години таму

    Is it me or is her voice almost like lana reys?

  66. Julie H

    Julie H2 години таму

    A 2% of survival and she has more life and light than I could ever hope to achieve.

  67. Kishor Waghare

    Kishor Waghare2 години таму

    Jane love you and blessings

  68. J Pako Music Official

    J Pako Music Official2 години таму

    She is so beautiful...I believe in miracle,I believe the 2% can change to 200%

  69. Perfecshionist

    Perfecshionist2 години таму

    Cool song, beautiful soul, but the whole liberty university thing explains the cult like affect in her eyes and mannerisms.

  70. lullabelle0

    lullabelle02 години таму

    Don't be dumb now... RELEASE this song. THIS song needs to be heard. SHE needs to be heard.

  71. Angela Morton

    Angela Morton2 години таму

    Simply breath taking, beautiful! I am praying for your healing! I am praying you can get into a Med-Bed! Ask your Doctor about them. We need Beautiful living souls like you on this Planet. Please God Heal Nightbirde, don't take her from the world. You made her, you gave her that Angelic voice for her to share with the world.

  72. Mudassir Abrar

    Mudassir Abrar2 години таму

    Did u just hear Halsey

  73. Hitmi Hitmi

    Hitmi Hitmi2 години таму

    Simplemente maravillosa canción, una chica excepcional, Dios la bendiga.

  74. iffah sakura

    iffah sakura2 години таму

    Her voice and song is amazing

  75. bèellou Sow

    bèellou Sow2 години таму

    I wonder who dislike this😂they're négative sym on them

  76. juliet juliet

    juliet juliet2 години таму

    She is cute

  77. Jay Denis

    Jay Denis2 години таму

    An angel graced the stage of AGT this year...

  78. Bridgette Davis

    Bridgette Davis2 години таму

    Just be happy just bask in the now's definetly going to be from Jamaica

  79. ilias Al

    ilias Al2 години таму

    She's so powerful girl and beutifull voice!!!

  80. Dimis

    Dimis2 години таму

    Is this the X-factor or the AGT???

  81. Muhammad junaid tahir

    Muhammad junaid tahir2 години таму

    "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to be happy" . What a beautiful nd strong msg hide in these lines.May God recover you nd bless you with a healthy life. Thumbs up for this determination. ❤️👍

  82. Oliver Nohn

    Oliver Nohn2 години таму

    I love how she looks

  83. Babayaga Boogeyman

    Babayaga Boogeyman2 години таму


  84. Elven Rosalia Uirab

    Elven Rosalia Uirab2 години таму

    Beautiful voice with beautiful lyrics 🔥🔥♥️🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦Namibia

  85. AustinChallenges

    AustinChallenges2 години таму

    She deserves it all

  86. Grizelda Falguisana

    Grizelda Falguisana2 години таму

    She is very brave and beautiful.

  87. M B

    M B2 години таму

    Hey...Twitter BYpic Amazon Facebook and rest of media! Put Nightbirde's AGT audition on the loop up until the message of her approach to her life strugles stays ingraved in a brains of all Karen's, cancel BS worriers and others who have bored of the life . There is the world shut down and still in a panic mode with virus that have 90% survival rate and there is The Girl living in "full" with 2% chance of survival. Who is still able to winge and complain after that. Hey Media show and report that. Binge watching and listening every word she saying on that AGT audition and keep trying to get my head around💗💓🧡🤯🤯🤯💓💗🧡

  88. Alexander Haber

    Alexander Haber2 години таму


  89. GhostFaceX

    GhostFaceX2 години таму

    Voice like Halsey😍😍😍

  90. Norma Roxy

    Norma Roxy2 години таму

    She is so beautifull....Her voice is amazing... Just WOW! Please, live, Nightbird...🙏🙏🙏 You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy" Jane Marczewski Contestant on American Idol 2008

  91. Jocelyn Abrahams

    Jocelyn Abrahams2 години таму

    I love that 🥰🥰🥰

  92. cat lady

    cat lady2 години таму


  93. Jullie

    Jullie2 години таму

    Abdolutely AMAZING❤️

  94. Eric Hay

    Eric Hay2 години таму

    If Tinkerbell was real

  95. Obiakor Chris

    Obiakor Chris2 години таму

    OMG!!! 2% Chances of survival, yet she live blissfully and stronger than many with full fledged life . Gosh , I'm gonna remember this audition for the rest of my life

  96. Margaret Wawira

    Margaret Wawira2 години таму

    That golden buzzer was do meaningful!! She is so strong and courageous